A masterpiece and a crown jewel in Karnak’s portfolio. Belva is a testament to architectural brilliance brought to you by the award-winning architect Mr. Raef Fahmi. The project’s standout feature is its superb location in Sheikh Zayed City. Belva features vibrant spaces, diverse areas, and breathtaking types to suit every aspiration. The project spread across 18.5 acres and 80% of its land area devoted to green spaces. The site is divided into 21 residential buildings, each featuring a ground floor and five upper floors.

Belva is a captivating real estate compound where the essence of its name, meaning “beautiful view”, is embodied in every aspect. Nestled amidst serene natural surroundings, Belva offers a harmonious blend of privacy, security, and eco-friendliness, ensuring a tranquil and sustainable living environment, designed to foster a sense of community.

Residents can enjoy a host of amenities including shopping outlets, a fully- equipped gym, sports club, football and padel courts. Additionally, there is a modern commercial complex housing a variety of services that caters to diverse lifestyles.

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    Since 1993, Karnak first started its journey with the construction of several residential buildings in Alexandria Our initial success came due to our commitment to our values.

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