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New Zayed City is in the heart of Egypt and is one of the new second-generation cities, established in 1995.

The new Zayed map was established with the aim of reducing the population density of the rest of Greater Cairo’s cities and becoming a refuge for lovers of tranquility and sophistication.

Sheikh Zayed City is administratively affiliated with the New Urban Communities Authority and is distinguished by its modern planning, the breadth of its streets, and the abundance of green spaces, making it an ideal destination for those looking for a quiet and upscale life.

Location of the new Zayed Map

Sheikh Zayed City enjoys a distinctive strategic location, as it is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, nearby:

  • 26 July axis.
  • Ring road.
  • Pyramids plateau.

Ease of access:

  • Cairo: 50 minutes.
  • Giza: 40 minutes.
  • Cairo International Airport: 70 minutes.
  • Sheikh Zayed City is considered an extension of Greater Cairo, and one of its important suburbs, where:
  • It is located 20 kilometers from Lebanon Square.
  • It is 28 kilometers from Tahrir Square and central Cairo.

Wide green spaces:

Sheikh Zayed City is built on an area of 10,000 acres, 40% of which is allocated to green spaces, which gives it a special elegance and makes it a natural outlet for its residents.

Planning the new Zayed map

Sheikh Zayed City is divided into 20 neighborhoods, each neighborhood made up of 4 neighborhoods. The neighborhoods are distinguished by their diversity, to include:

  • Luxury neighborhoods.
  • Above-average neighborhoods.
  • Medium neighborhoods.
  • Economic neighbourhoods.

Growing population:

The population of Sheikh Zayed City is currently approximately 233 thousand people, with this number expected to increase in the future, due to the city’s features and attractive location.

Features of the new Zayed Map

  • An oasis of sophistication and modern life.
  • An ideal destination for housing and investment.
  • Thoughtful planning and spacious green spaces.
  • Excellent location and easy access.
  • Diversity of neighborhoods to suit all groups.

The new map of Sheikh Zayed in terms of neighborhoods

Sheikh Zayed City includes many diverse neighborhoods that suit all needs and budgets. Below are some of the best neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed, with an overview of their features and prices:

Upscale neighborhoods:

  • Green Revolution: One of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed, it is characterized by the presence of luxurious villas and palaces and is located near the Rod Al-Farag axis and the Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road.
  • The First District: It is distinguished by its distinguished location near the 26th of July Corridor and Hyper Sheikh Zayed and includes various residential units suitable for the upper middle classes.
  • Fourth District: One of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed, it includes upscale compounds such as Zayed 2000 and many universities and hospitals.
  • The Eighth District: It is characterized by the presence of many distinguished services, and is located near the 26th of July Corridor, 6th of October Road, and Dahshur Road.

Distinctive neighborhoods at reasonable prices:

  • The Second District: It is considered one of the upscale neighborhoods, but it is cheaper than some other neighborhoods. It is distinguished by its location near the entrance to Sheikh Zayed and the 26th of July Corridor.
  • The Seventh District: Suitable for all categories, includes a variety of units between apartments and duplexes and is located near the banking and services area.
  • The Ninth District: It is one of the new neighborhoods and includes various residential units suitable for the middle and upper middle classes. It is located near the Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road and the 26th of July Corridor.

Economic neighbourhoods:

The Eleventh District: One of the cheapest areas of Sheikh Zayed, and it is located near the Al-Azhari Institute, Americana Plaza, and Hyper One. Average price per meter: 7150 Egyptian pounds (apartments).


Real estate prices in Sheikh Zayed are approximate and subject to change depending on the location, type of property, area, and finishes.

There are many other residential options in Sheikh Zayed, such as compounds, villas, and independent houses.

It is recommended to conduct thorough research and compare prices before making any purchasing decision.

Services and features of the new Zayed Map

Vast green spaces:

New Zayed Map has vast green spaces that constitute 40% of the city’s area, making it a natural outlet that gives it a special elegance and provides its residents with a healthy, calm environment.

The city includes many parks and gardens, such as Al-Azhar Park, Merryland Park, Zoo, Kennedy Park, Sheikh Zayed Park, and 6th of October Park.

These green spaces allow for sports and recreational activities, relaxation, and enjoyment of nature.

Distinctive restaurants and cafes:

Sheikh Zayed City includes many restaurants and cafes that serve various types of food and drinks from all over the world.

These restaurants vary to suit all tastes and budgets, from luxury restaurants to popular restaurants and trendy cafes.

These diverse options allow you to enjoy a unique dining experience and spend quality time with family and friends.

Distinctive educational services:

Sheikh Zayed City is interested in providing high-quality education to its children through the presence of many distinguished public and private schools and universities.

The city includes government schools that apply the Egyptian curriculum, and private schools that apply international curricula such as the American and British curricula.

The city also includes many universities, such as: the American University in Cairo, Zayed University, and the German University in Cairo.

Medical services at the highest level:

Sheikh Zayed City has many hospitals and medical centers that provide medical services at the highest level.

The city includes government hospitals, private hospitals, and specialized clinics in all medical specialties.

These medical services allow residents of the city to obtain distinguished health care.

Health, sports, and social clubs:

Sheikh Zayed City provides many health, sports, and social clubs that allow its residents to practice sports and recreational activities and have a good time.

The city includes sports clubs that include playgrounds for various games, swimming pools, and gyms.

The city also includes social clubs that organize events and meetings to meet new people and build social relationships.

New Zayed City Apartments:

New Sheikh Zayed City is distinguished by its strategic location on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, near the most important roads and vital centers, and provides wide green spaces and a quiet and safe environment.

Residential projects vary between apartments, villas, and compounds, such as Belva Sheikh Zayed Compound, one of Karnak Real Estate Development Company’s projects to suit.. All needs and budgets.

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