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The Vitaly Mall New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement is the latest commercial project by Karnak Real Estate Development. This project represents a significant leap in real estate investment in New Cairo, offering innovative and new investment solutions that deliver exceptional returns for investors and entrepreneurs in the commercial and entertainment sectors. The mall boasts a strategic and vibrant location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, making it a hub for the best global brands and adding new value to commercial and entertainment services in New Cairo.

Location of Vitaly Mall New Cairo

Situated in a prime location next to the American University in Cairo (AUC) in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, the mall provides easy access for visitors from all over Cairo. This ideal location ensures a constant flow of visitors, whether they are university students, residents, or visitors to New Cairo and its surrounding areas.

Area and Design of Vitaly Mall in the Fifth Settlement

Vitaly Mall spans an area of approximately 16,000 square meters, distributed across three levels, with each level covering 5,530 square meters.

The interior design of the mall features a smart and professional space distribution, with unit sizes starting from 68 square meters, providing great flexibility to meet the needs of various businesses and companies.

Features of Vitaly Mall New Cairo

Successful and Ongoing Partnerships:

Vitaly Mall stands out through its collaborations with international companies and brands. Many more partnerships are in progress and will be announced soon, adding significant value to the mall and ensuring a diverse and global shopping experience.

Investment and Commercial Opportunities at Vitaly Mall New Cairo:

Karnak Developments offers a unique real estate investment opportunity in Cairo through this project, providing an exceptional shopping experience in the heart of New Cairo.

Establishing your project in this mall represents a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity, ready for immediate rental and operation, allowing investors and entrepreneurs to benefit from a ready investment opportunity without the need to wait years for project implementation or deal with promises of future operation.

Through Karnak’s new project, we offer an ideal opportunity for investors, buyers, and businessmen to enjoy an unparalleled shopping and commercial investment experience in Cairo.

Don’t miss this opportunity; contact us on Facebook to learn more about prices, installment plans, and other residential projects by Karnak, such as the Belva Compound and others.

Investment Characteristics of Vitaly Mall:

Steady Income:

Commercial malls are a reliable source of steady income, especially if they are located in a prime area with a high population density.

High Growth Potential:

As the economy grows and the population increases, so does the demand for goods and services, leading to higher demand for commercial spaces in malls.


Investors in commercial malls can diversify their investments by renting out commercial spaces to various types of stores, such as restaurants, cafes, electronics, clothing, and home products.

Ease of Management:

Commercial malls are usually managed by specialized companies, reducing the management burden on investors.

Additional Benefits:

Some commercial malls offer additional services and amenities to tenants and visitors, such as parking, security services, cleaning services, and recreational areas.

Factors for the success of investing in Vitaly Mall

The success of investing in a commercial mall like Vitaly depends on several factors, including:

  • Location
  • Design
  • Tenant Mix

Advantages of New Cairo

New Cairo offers many advantages that make it an ideal destination for living and investment. Key advantages include:

Distinct Urban Planning:

New Cairo is planned in a modern and organized manner, with wide streets and vast green spaces. The city consists of several integrated residential communities, each containing all the services and facilities residents need.

Tranquility and Comfort:

New Cairo provides a quiet environment away from the noise and hustle of the city center. The wide green spaces offer a natural respite for residents and help improve air quality.


New Cairo is one of the safest cities in Egypt, thanks to advanced security systems and widespread surveillance cameras, which help reduce crime rates.

Comprehensive Services:

New Cairo offers all the services and facilities residents need, including schools, hospitals, universities, commercial centers, hypermarkets, clubs, restaurants, and cafes.

Prime Location:

New Cairo is conveniently located near Cairo International Airport, making it easily accessible from all parts of the world. The city is connected by a wide network of highways, facilitating easy movement within and outside the city.

Real Estate Markets:

The real estate markets in New Cairo are among the most stable and growing in Egypt. There is a wide variety of available real estate units in the city, ranging from luxury villas and apartments to medium and economic housing units

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